Certified Organic Molasses


Certified Organic Molasses is a rich-flavored dark brown syrup containing trace amounts of vitamins and minerals produced during the production of Organic Sugar. Its unique properties provide flavor and color in a variety of sweet and savory bakery, beverage, confection, prepared food, sauce, seasoning and snack applications. It is a natural humectant that helps to extend the shelf life and effectively masks undesirable flavors in the application. This product is Kosher and Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International under USDA-NOP and EU programs.


The visual, taste, and practical attributes of molasses are well-suited for baked goods, confections, cereals, prepared foods, snacks, seasonings, and sauces.


  • astringent in health and beauty products (grade dependant)
  • bulking agent
  • certified kosher
  • easily digested carbohydrate
  • natural colorant
  • natural shelf-life extender
  • natural source of sweetness
  • our products are not genetically modified origin and do not contain any genetically engineered additives or ingredients
  • promotes browning in crumb and crust
  • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties
  • unique natural flavor and flavor enhancer