Maltoline® ER, TC, GS


A quality extract of pure malted barley. This syrup’s flavor and color options range from light to a rich and robust malt flavor with a slightly sweet note and from amber to dark hues of reddish brown. Maltoline®; ER Light, Medium, and Dark accents a variety of flavors from delicate tropical to full bodied flavors such as cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, nutmeg, dried fruit, and nuts without overpowering the balance of the product. An organic malt syrup produced by steeping high-grade organic malted barley and allowing the naturally present enzymes to convert starches into soluble sugars. The resulting syrup is clarified and concentrated to produce an extract of pure malted barley. With a robust flavor and dark reddish brown hue, this non-diastatic syrup is a source of organic sugars and accents medium to full bodied flavors without overwhelming the product’s character. Maltoline® GS is a rich, sweet malt syrup with a light reddish brown color. This blend of corn syrup and malted barley extract accelerates yeast activity, acts as a dough conditioner, and extends shelf life in fresh baked goods. The distinctive nutritive properties of malt allow for a variety of beneficial applications. A blend of corn syrup and malted barley extract with a rich, sweet malt flavor with a light reddish brown color. Maltoline®; TC soft color and flavor wash over grainy notes, boosting sweet and savory flavors while enhancing the taste and visual appeal in your finished product.


Maltoline® malt’s visual, taste and functional properties make it an ideal ingredient for use in specialty breads, bagels, cereals, crackers, cookies, confections, pretzels, snack items, fresh and frozen dough, ice cream and yogurt products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, vinegar, chocolate-based items and pet food. Its flavor, color, and protein characteristics can also be varied during production to provide malts for custom applications.


  • aids in maillard reaction
  • antioxidant properties
  • available as conventional or organic
  • certified kosher
  • contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • diastatic enzyme activity uniformly regulates dough fermentation and pan flow
  • easily digested carbohydrate
  • effectively masks undesirable flavor attributes
  • improves crumb and crust color without chemicals
  • shelf-life extender
  • source of sweetness
  • promotes browning in crumb and crust
  • source of fermentables
  • source of soluble solids and protein
  • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties
  • tones down wheat-flour notes
  • unique flavor enhancer