Ice Cream

ice cream

​​​​​Our Ice Cream features Tagatose, a rare sugar that is 90% as sweet as sucrose.  This ice cream is lower in calories and maintains the smooth, creamy texture found in traditional ice creams made with sucrose.

Ice Cream Formula

Whole Milk (3.5% fat) 55.08gr

Heavy Cream (38% fat) 25.00gr

Tagatose 14.00*

Non-Fat Dry Milk 5.70gr

Emulsifier/Stabilizer Blend 0.22

Total:  100.00

Step 1

Mix whole milk and non-fat dry milk until well combined.

Step 2

Heat milk mixture, then add Tagatose and emulsifier/stabilizer blend.

Step 3

Continue mixing until there are no clumps.

Step 4

Add heavy cream.

Step 5

Pasteurize by heating to 155°F then raise temperature to 170°F and bring it back to 155°F for the remaining time. Must be above 155°F for 30 minutes. Alternate approved combination of time and temperature can be utilized.

Step 6

Cool to no lower than 130°F while homogenizing. Recommended homogenization pressure (2000 PSI first stage and 500 PSI second stage).

Step 7

Cool mix and store overnight under refrigeration.

Step 8

Freeze the mix through continuous freezer with desired overrun.

Step 9

Package and store at -20 °F