Nulomoline® (congealed or liquid)


Nulomoline liquid is a light straw colored, high brix full invert Syrup.
- 77 Bx
- >92% invert (on a dry basis)
- <175 ICU.

Nulomoline Congealed is a semi solid jelled invert paste which is easily measured and stored.
- 77 Bx
- >92% invert (on a dry basis)
- <175 ICU.

Standardized inverts made from pure cane sugar by a process that converts sucrose into a combination of fructose and dextrose sugars, resulting in a characteristically unique sweetener system. These sugars have significantly different characteristics than sucrose, corn syrup combinations, or other sugars, and offer a lighter flavor, increased moisture retention in fresh baked goods, improved crust color, solubility, and enhanced shelf life. FreshVert® Liquid and Nulomoline® #7 are liquid forms, FreshVert® Creamy and Nulomoline® Congealed are high-solids forms, and Nulomoline® #11 is a partial-invert liquid form.


These exceptional sweeteners produce excellent results in bakery and confectionary applications. Our invert sugars boost the color and flavor, preserve freshness and decrease graining for a desired uniform appearance. Invert sugar is a natural humectant and provides solubility, resistance to crystallization, viscosity, and sweetness and enhances the quality of the end product. The color, flavor, and functional properties of invert sugar are perfect for improving baked goods, confections, cereals, prepared foods, snacks, seasonings, and sauces.


  • Available as conventional or organic
  • Certified Kosher
  • Clean label declaration
  • Controls crystallization of sugars and reduces grit in baked goods, icings and confections
  • Improves crust color and adds golden brown hues in baked goods and confections
  • Increases moisture retention in freshly baked goods and grained, non-grained, and chewy confections
  • Non-GMO Project verified (Syrup only)
  • Retards staling and enhances shelf life