Fondants & Icing Sugars Nulofond



A free-flowing dry fondant sugar system prepared by processing sucrose into an agglomerated base for use in confections. An ultra-fine particle size ensures dispersity of fats, oils, colors, flavors and emulsifiers for no grit. No anti-caking agents are included. Nulofond® is a rapid wet-out cold process fondant and is used by confectioners for cream centers, cordials, fudge, glazes, drizzles, and swirls.


  • Natural white color, flavor and functional properties complement an assortment of products including baked goods (icings, glazes, confections), confections (cream centers, caramels, cordials, fudge and glazes), and other applications (frosted cereals, frozen desserts, and sweet snacks).


  • Absorbs water rapidly
  • Certified kosher
  • One-step mixing cold process for rolled creams
  • Rapid surface drying enables centers to be smoothly and uniformly coated
  • Requires no cooking


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