Fondants & Icing Sugars Easy Fond

Easy Fond®


A dry candy fondant produced by taking micron-sized crystals of pure cane sugar, bonding them with invert sugar to create porous, free-flowing white particles that are naturally resistant to caking. Just add water (no heat) to produce the highest quality fondant for candy products with excellent extrusion qualities and superior whiteness and taste. This convenient method disperses fats, oils, colors, flavors and emulsifiers; resulting in no separation, grit, or clumping texture in your cream centers, caramels, cordials, fudge and glazes.


  • Natural white color, flavor and functional properties complement an assortment of products including baked goods (icings, glazes, confections), confections (cream centers, caramels, cordials, fudge and glazes), and other applications (frosted cereals, frozen desserts, and sweet snacks).


  • Absorbs water rapidly
  • Certified kosher
  • One-step mixing cold process for rolled creams
  • Rapid surface drying enables centers to be smoothly and uniformly coated
  • Requires no cooking


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