Dry Sweeteners Qwik-Flo Molasses (granulated and powdered)

Qwik-Flo® Molasses (granulated and powdered)


Unique products manufactured through our patented co-crystallization process. They are free-flowing aggregates with a rich flavor, light color and the robust sweetness of refinery syrup and cane mill molasses. The distinctive characteristics complement and enhance sweet and savory flavors, and add body and mouth feel. Qwik-Flo®; Molasses contains no starch carriers or flow agents, nothing artificial, and are ideal for use in liquid and dry conventional food applications. Low moisture content (less than 1.0%) results in excellent shelf-stable products which do not support microbiological growth. These ingredients are available in conventional and organic varieties.


  • Easy to blend and non-hygroscopic, the applications include bakery mixes, cereals, seasoning blends, dried soups, and beverages.


  • All natural colorant and source of salts
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Certified kosher
  • Contains essential vitamins and minerals
  • Cost-effective ingredient
  • Effectively masks undesirable flavor attributes
  • Leavening agent
  • Shelf-life extender
  • Source of sweetness
  • Promotes browning in crumb and crust
  • Streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties
  • Unique flavor enhancer


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