Flavor Texture Tagatose



Tagatose is a rare sugar that’s 90% as sweet as sugar but with 60% fewer calories. It tastes closer to sugar than other alternatives and also offers a number of other advantages, including a low glycemic index of 3 and prebiotic effects.1 Plus, it offers texture and mouthfeel similar to sugar.


  • Tagatose performs well across a variety of categories, including confectionery, frozen desserts, beverages, dried fruit, dairy, baked goods, condiments, ready-to-eat cereal and protein bars.


• 90% as sweet as sucrose with 60% fewer calories
• Non-GMO ingredient
• Suitable for vegan diets
• Has bulking properties that create similar texture, volume, and mouthfeel as sucrose
• Promotes a browning effect in baking applications
• Works well in synergy with other sweeteners
• Has a low glycemic index of 31
• Has prebiotic effects1
• Does not promote tooth decay2
• Does not raise blood glucose levels when consumed on its own3
• Ketogenic Certified
• Kosher
• Non-GMO
• Nutrastrong Prebiotic Verified
• Vegetarian/ Plant Based

Footnote 1: Tagatose has a low glycemic index of 3 and has prebiotic effects

Skytte (2006), Sweeteners and Sugar Alternatives in Food Technology

Footnote 2: Tagatose does not promote tooth decay

21 CFR 101.80, Section 2

Footnote 3: Tagatose does not raise blood glucose levels when consumed on its own

Donner TW, Wilber JF, Ostrowski D. D-tagatose, a novel hexose: acute effects on carbohydrate tolerance in subjects with and without type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Obes Metab. 1999 Sep;1(5):285-91