Sweet Essence M™ - Sugarcane Reb M


Sweet Essence M™, a “Sugarcane Reb M”, is the next generation of High Potency “Reb M” sweeteners. It is sustainably made through the fermentation of sugarcane, resulting in a superior, clean, sweet taste. Our Sweet Essence M™ Sugarcane Reb M demonstrates our commitment to bring the best tasting sweetener solutions to the marketplace. Sweet Essence M™ provides the closest taste to sugar compared to steviol glycoside products and works well in a broad range of industrial applications.


  • Sweet Essence M™ is ~350x the sweetness of sugar in most applications. It is used to sweeten beverages, bakery, confections, dairy, desserts, sauces, snack foods and more.


  • Same Cost in Use as Sugar
  • Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar Sweetener
  • Produced from Fermented Sugarcane
  • Superior, Clean, Sweet Taste
  • Sustainably Made
  • Reliable Quality Source
  • Scalable Production Method and Stable Supply Chain
  • Product of Brazil


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