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Discover our amazing process. Or, rather, lack thereof. Raw Cane Sugar is minimally processed so it meets consumer demands and gives more label appeal.

Golden Granulated® Raw Cane Sugar

See for yourself what sets Raw Cane Sugar apart from other sweetening options.

Raw Cane Sugar

From Sugarcane To Golden Granulated® Raw Cane Sugar

Once harvested, sugarcane juice is extracted from the sugarcane and clarified.

50 to 55% of water is extracted from the juice, leaving juice as concentrate or syrup.

Syrup is supersaturated and then is seeded with crystalline sugar. This is known as massecuite. Sugar crystals and the remaining liquid are called Mother Liquid.

The crystals are separated and become Raw Cane Sugar. The remaining liquid is called molasses. The sugar is dried and ready for use.

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Minimally processed means greater appeal.

Not only is Raw Cane Sugar a source of sweetness, it also provides a variety of other benefits:
• bulking agent • certified kosher • easily digested carbohydrate • natural colorant • shelf-life extender • our products are not genetically modified origin and do not contain any genetically engineered additives or ingredients • promotes browning in crumb and crust • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties • unique flavor enhancer
Sweet will always be on trend. And the sweet consumers seek can make a big difference in what products they purchase.

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The Advantages Of Brown And Raw Cane Sugar

ASR Group has its roots in Sugarcane.

ASR Group has over 150 years of experience in bringing the right sweetening solutions to the table. Along with providing top quality products, we generate new ideas and solutions to meet your needs and create shared value by serving you with competence and care.

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