Dark Brown Sugar

Organic Brown Sugar


Organic Brown Sugars give manufacturers the color, flavor, and processability of conventional soft brown sugars, but with the USDA-NOP Organic certification. These moist, soft sugars provide taste, texture, and color to a wide range of products, particularly cookies, cereals, and cakes.

Organic Light Brown Sugar
-4000 ICU
-0.7% Moisture

Organic Dark Brown Sugar
-8000 ICU
-0.7% Moisture


Organic Brown Sugar is ideal for accenting and intensifying a wide range of foods, baked goods, sauces, cookies, caramels, cereals, desserts, and crumb toppings.


  • 1:1 replacement for conventional Brown Sugars
  • Certified organic by Quality Assurance International under USDA-NOP and EU programs
  • Available in Light, Dark and Medium varieties