Golden Granulated Raw Cane Sugar, Powdered

Golden Granulated® Raw Cane Sugar, Powdered


Raw Cane Powdered Sugar is a very fine grain baking and confectioner’s sweetener with a natural mild sugarcane flavor. It is ground into a fine 10X powder and blended with cornstarch to prevent caking that produces an off-white coloring. Raw cane powdered sugar adds natural sweetness, bulk, and structure to icings, glazes, frappe, frosting, fudge, whipped creams, hard candies, and other confections.


  • These pure cane products offer an attractive alternative to traditional sweetening agents. Our Conventional and Organic Specialty Sugar options boast light to dark golden hues, sweet sugarcane flavor, and functional properties that complement organic and natural uses in baked goods, dairy, non-dairy and carbonated beverages, confections, cereals, health and beauty aids, nutraceuticals, prepared foods, snacks, seasonings, jelly, preserves, and sauces.


  • bulking agent
  • certified kosher
  • easily digested carbohydrate
  • natural colorant
  • shelf-life extender
  • source of sweetness
  • our products are not genetically modified origin and do not contain any genetically engineered additives or ingredients
  • promotes browning in crumb and crust
  • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties
  • unique flavor enhancer


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