Flavor & Texture Modifiers Envision



A product made possible through our patented co-crystallization technology. This unique ingredient imparts the functional properties of sucrose such as texture, structure, and dispersion without added sweetness. It is heat stable and ideal for fat-reduced products where it can replace fat while providing bulking and texturing properties. Made up of micro-sized crystals bound together in a sponge-like structure, this extremely fine crystal structure also makes Envision Flavor and Texture Modifier an ideal fondant for bakery or confectionary products.


  • Flavor and Texture Modifiers can be used in food applications such as bakery fillings, extruded and other bar applications, confectionery cream center fondants, non-dairy beverages, soups, sauces, and snacks where the functional properties of sucrose are needed for texture, structure and dispersion without added sweetness.


  • bulking agent
  • certified kosher
  • effectively masks undesirable flavor attributes
  • enhances texture
  • inconspicuous flavor profile
  • shelf-life extender
  • pure white color and flavor enhancer
  • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties


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