Flavor & Texture Modifiers Cypha



An artificial flavor enhancer that masks the perception of sweetness in a food or beverage. Cypha™ has the ability to inhibit sweetness in various products without adding any additional calories. A variety of benefits include easy compatibility with all food ingredients, stability in thermal and baking food processes, and low pH/high acidic conditions over the entirety of a product’s shelf life. The unobtrusive nature of this product allows for its use without affecting moisture retention, mouth-feel, or water activity. Applications range from light sweet to savory cheese, meat, and vegetable flavors in bakery, confection, nutraceutical, prepared foods, soups, snacks, and sauces.


  • Flavor and Texture Modifiers can be used in food applications such as bakery fillings, extruded and other bar applications, confectionery cream center fondants, non-dairy beverages, soups, sauces, and snacks where the functional properties of sucrose are needed for texture, structure and dispersion without added sweetness.


  • bulking agent
  • certified kosher
  • effectively masks undesirable flavor attributes
  • enhances texture
  • inconspicuous flavor profile
  • natural shelf-life extender
  • pure white color and flavor enhancer
  • streamlines label declarations with multifunctional properties


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