Distillates from ASR Group are all about finding great taste from sugarcane – plant-based way to block the bitter and sour while adding just the right amount of sweet.

Balance and Harmony

See the huge difference a small amount can make with Sugar Cane and Cane Molasses Distillates.

From the sugarcane plant. Your formula's secret sidekick.

Sugar Cane Distillates and Cane Molasses Distillates from ASR Group's block bitterness and add sweetness while helping you achieve a cleaner label.

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Sugar Cane Distillate

A subtle addition that actually subtracts.

Sugar Cane Distillate - Powder modulates bitterness at 0.05% usage. Due to the presence of 5 bitterness blockers, this ingredient loosely binds to the bitterness receptors in the taste buds and blocks the perception of bitterness

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Cane Molasses Distillate

Bring off-note flavors back in key.

Cane Molasses Distillate - Powder increases sweetness perception at 65 ppm usage. Due to the presence of 5 sweet aroma compounds, this ingredient provides a full and complex flavor. With brown sugar notes for a highly perceived "sweet" aroma, it enhances the sweetness perceptions up to 2% SE (sugar equivalency).

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Leaders in minimally processed sugars.

Our plant-based Non-GMO Project Verified distillates come from leading growers and producers of sugarcane. From crop rotation to precision agriculture to using barn owls as pest control, we practice sustainable farming. That means that, from field to final formula, you can rest assured you'll receive the quality, cost efficiency and peace of mind knowing that your formula for better tasting foods and beverages will be a certain success.

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