Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar

Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar

Request a sample Recipes Back To List PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar is a unique dry fondant sugar manufactured by a patented technique solely for use in the pharmaceutical industry as an excipient. Its useful properties include high flowability, low hygroscopicity, sweetness and nonreactivity with other tablet components. Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar meets the requirement of the National Formulary for compressible sugars for use in coatings syrups. Other applications include a wide range of tablets, chewables, and gums.


Chemical and Physical Characteristics

Color (ICUMSA) 60 (Max)
Sediment (DSC) #8 Fine (Max)
Loss on Drying % 0.25 - 0.75  
Particle Size 3% on USS 40 (Max)
  75% (CUM) on USS 100 (Min)
  8% thru USS 200 (Max)
Sucrose % 96.25 - 97.75  
Maltodextrin % 2.25 - 3.75  

Microbial Characteristics
Standard Plate Count < 50 cfu/g (Max)
Yeasts < 3 cfu/g (Max)
Molds < 3 cfu/g (Max)
Coliforms < 2 cfu/g (Max)
E. coli Negative  
Salmonella Negative  
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative  
Coagulase Positive Negative  
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Negative  
Kosher Parve  


Packaging Product is packaged in 50 pound/22.67 kg net weight multi-wall polyethylene lined bags and 100 kg net weight multiwall polyethylene liner in fiber drums.


Shelf life is typically 8 months properly sealed if kept cool (50 - 80°F) and dry (less than 70% relative humidity).
Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar - MSDS
Combustion Data: N/A
Fire Control Material: Water. Sugar is a Class A combustible material
Critical Dust Concentration Sugar Dust has a cloud ignition temp of 370ºC and may be explosive in airborne concentrations of 0.045 oz/ft³ (45 g/m³) or higher.
Ignition Temperature, Dust: 370ºC
Section V - Reactivity Data
Stability: Stable Product
Melting Point: 186ºC
Decomposition: Temperature in excess of 367ºF will cause sucrose to melt with decomposition
Decomposition Products: None Under Normal Storage Conditions
Polymerization Products: Do Not Occur
Section VI - Health Hazard Data
Description: Nuisance dust; except those with pre-existing upper respiratory ailment.
Section VII - Safe Handling and Control Measures
Storage: Storage Temperature between 50ºF and 80ºF; 70% Maximum Humidity. Keep area well ventilated.
Spill and Clean Up: Flush with water to eliminate slippery condition
Waste Disposal No Special Requirements - Observe Municipal, State, and Federal Regulations
Housekeeping Good Sanitation Practices
Exposure Route: Inhalation: N/A
Direct Contact: N/A
Absorption: N/A
Ingestion: N/A
Personal Protection: Eyes: Goggles Optional
Respiratory: Use NIOSH approved dust respirator in dusty areas
Other: N/A

Di-Pac® Direct Compacting & Tableting Sugar
Carbohydrate 100 Grams
Total Sugar 97 Grams
Protein 0
Fat 0
Fiber 0
Calories 400 Calories
Calcium 2 mg
Iron 0 mg
Potassium 2 mg
Sodium 4 mg
Vitamin C 0 mg
Vitamin A 0 mg
Thiamin 0 mg
Riboflavin 0 mg
Niacin 0 mg


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